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Romantic Fantasy Books

These stories are more traditionally romantic than those in the Fantastic Romance category. Romantic Fantasy may also put more emphasis on the plot events than a Fantastic Romance. Quite a few other fantasy subgenres will incorporate elements of Romantic Fantasy in them, especially Epic Fantasy and Paranormal Fantasy.

Characteristics of Romantic Fantasy

  • Level of Magic

Varies, but as mentioned, magic is considered a positive part of a character's nature, innate and not alien or frightening.

  • Level of Characterization

The heroine and hero will change quite a bit throughout the book, but the characters are usually simply drawn.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

There is a lot of variety in plot, even given the 3 or 4 archetypal plots for this sub-genre. There is the potential for unhappy endings.

  • Level of Violence 

Violence is low in these stories, although there can be quite a lot of non-graphic sex.

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