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High Fantasy Books

A popular subgenre that's often used interchangebly with Epic Fantasy. We feel there is a distinction, however. High Fantasy tends to focus more on the setting and the change and choices made by the protaganist while epic fantasy tends to focus on the SCALE of conflict which affects the world at large. Epic fantasy features a large cast of characters while High Fantasy usually fewer.

Other Features of High High Fantasy

  • Level of Magic

Magic figures strongly in this type, but it is not used willy-nilly. It is a commodity that must be used wisely to be effective. Typically, magic is very common in quest fantasy, epic fantasy, and high fantasy though it depends on the style of the author.

  • Level of Characterization

The level of characterization in High Fantasy tends to be high. The focus, afterall is often on the hero and his or her choices and the consequence on the world at large of those same choices.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

Usually complex. The end goal is usually to fulfill some quest -- either a personal quest or a quest on behalf of someone (or something) else.

  • Level of Violence 

Variable, but usually not graphic enough to be offensive to most readers.

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