The Best Sci-Fi Movies

The Best of the Best Science Fiction Movies

The Sci-Fi genre is arguably one of the most exciting in the film industry. The freedom of Sci-Fi allows almost endless subject matter possibilities. Hence, Science Fiction movies, unlike other movie genres, are able to explore novel ideas and ask insightful questions about what the future holds.

There have been some fantastic Sci-Fi movies over the past couple of decades, but there have also been some terrible Sci-Fi films made too. As an avid watcher of science fiction movies, I've sifted through my fair share of disappointing Sci-Fi flicks. To help others find the best Science Fiction movies out there, I've made a recommendation list of the Top 10 Science Fiction movies.

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The dystopian future presented by Blade Runner is one scourged by social decay; it's an intense and prophetic look at a world plagued with some of the realities we face today: overpopulation, globalization, climate change, and genetic engineering. Without a doubt, Blade Runner has had a dramatic impact on literary, scientific, and cinematic pop culture, and the stark reality presented by the film and its accurate, if accidental, prediction of a future close to ours is nothing to sneer at.
In a world increasingly influenced by genetic research, Gattaca has some terrifying relevance: what if you could be distinguished, not on the basis of race or color, but by your very genes? This movie came out in 1995 and was way ahead of its time. The plot, characters, and questions explored make this film a must watch.
The world is a machine and reality is a fake; this action-packed thriller really makes you question your perception of reality. With the increasing role computer technology plays in our lives and the ever-expanding computer breakthroughs, it's not that much of a stretch to imagine the scenario presented by the matrix becoming a reality. It may be implausible but it could certainly be possible (minus Neo). 
A horror masterpiece set in an alien landscape. Everything about this film just works. The big debate is between fans about whether Ridley Scott's film, Alien, is superior to the James Cameron's sequel, Aliens. Both films are great and the directorial style of both films is quite different. Out of personal preference, I prefer Alien, but Aliens is equally enthralling (and terrifying!).
A blend of almost every mythical archetype you can think of but wow, what a set of movies. There's something magical about these movies; maybe it's the vicarious pleasure of juggling some badass-looking lightsaber while rescuing scantily clad princesses that appeals to the nerd inside of us; or maybe it's the idea of a grand adventure in a far away galaxy infested with our nerd fantasies. Whatever the case, the original Star Wars movies have been around for decades but still retain the original magic. Star wars is a story that will appeal to all ages. The new "prequel" series (Episodes I,II,III) are worth watching but lack the magic of the "original" trilogy.
This movie explores several ideas but the most prominent (and famous) is the idea of an AI rebelling against human masters. 2001: A Space Odyssey is the most realistic portrayal of this scenario. To some extent, this idea has been handled by other movies (the Terminator series for example), but 2001: A Space Odyssey gives the most realistic scenario. This is a movie that has contributed to literary, social, and cinematic culture and should not be missed by any science fiction fan. 
A recent movie that gives us a glimpse of a terrible dystopian future without hope: humans can no longer reproduce. This dark future is just realistic enough to send chills up your spine. With current headlines monopolized by failing economies, terrorist attacks, and global warming meltdowns, the dystopian future presented by Children of Men may just be more then science fiction...
Sometimes you need a stylish, fun, over-the-top sci-fi action flick like The 5th Element. The 5th Element is full of bizarre characters and an even more bizarre world. It's great blend of high adventure, cyberpunk, adventure, romance, comedy, and Bruce Willis throwing around his guns. If you want a fun, fun thrill ride through the galaxy that's entertaining as hell, you need to check out The Fifth Element. 
This oldie is still a real goodie. Tron is both action story and allegory critique of the personal computer revolution of the 80s. The Tron world makes techies into heroes (sadly, no longer true). With special effects out of this world in 1982, this cult classic is still enjoyable today and can be appreciated for what it was and still is: a damn fine science fiction flick.  The new Tron (Tron 2) lacks some of the magic of the old Tron, but is a pretty good action flick. Not good enough to replace Tron 1, however.
An action sci-fi flick with an intelligent plot and lots of action. While it lacks the pure visual style and situational comedy of The Fifth Element, 12 Monkeys delivers an altogether different sort of thrill ride. It's darker, more intelligent, and ultimately one of the best "intelligent" action sci-fi films out there. If you loved the likes of the Fifth Element and the action of Terminator series, 12 Monkeys is a film you should definitely check out.
Book Flap Description  A recruit of the future goes through the toughest boot camp in the universe and into battle with the Terran Mobile Infantry against humankind's most frightening enemy.  For most, war is hell, but for Heinlein's character Juan Rico, war is heaven -- and for those reading the book too! This is one classic you should read. Bootcamp in space, high tech battle toys, bone-jarring battles, romance, and a critique on politics thrown in for good measure. Heinlein is on the top of his game in what is considered his finest novel. Read it! If you have seen the terrible movie adaption, forget it! The book is much, much better.