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Paranormal Fantasy Books

This fantasy version of the classic adventure novel is currently very popular. It's contemporary, hip, snarky, funny...naturally, it already has hit television and movie offerings like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Shaun of the Dead. Paranormal fantasy includes paranormal romance books and is often part of the wider urban fantasy sungenre.

Other Features of Quest/Epic High Fantasy

  • Level of Magic

Magic is understood to be another level of existence or reality underpinning the real world in this sub-genre, so it figures heavily. .

  • Level of Characterization

Can range from cardboard cutout to complex, but at least some will reliably be contemporary, cynical, urban.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

Not terribly complex plots, as the style is usually fun and almost pulp-fictiony.

  • Level of Violence 

Violence is usually present, but the degree of gore is variable. These are often dashing boys and independent girls in the city, so sex is most likely going to come up. If the story involves more mature characters, the likelihood goes down.

Popular Paranormal Fantasy Books Books