Best Sci-Fi Games with a Story

The Best of the Best Sci-Fi Video Games with Awesome Stories

Are you a science fiction fan who loves video games with a rich story? 

There are a gazillion sci-fi themed games out there, but few of them actually deliver a decent tale. However, if you are craving a good sci-fi sci-fi game that actually entertains with the plot, then you will most definitely want to check out the following games -- these are the top sci-fi games with a good story. We're talking a bite-your-nails-stay-up-all-night sort of story.

Perhaps my favorite game of all time. What can I say about Deus Ex, other than it did everything right. This game is old, like mega-over-a-decade-old, but it's still one of the âgreatsâ of any game. Deus Ex really pioneerrf the RPG FPS genre â mixing both worlds seamlessly, creating something new in the process. The story was also top notch, a tale of a world controlled by conspiracy and on the brink of collapse. This game really has you on the edge the whole way through.The gameplay is also something special .You have to wonder why after 10 years people still mention Deus Ex as one of the great games. That should be a clue for you to PLAY it if you havenât. Not everything is about the newest pixel shaders and video cards. Deus Ex can take on most modern games and win, hands down.Typical of most RPGs, you can upgrade yourself over the course of the game â strength, stamina, many other (even Sci-Fi) abilities. However, what separates this game from other RPGs with a First Person Shooter face, is that itâs also a fully functional First Person Shooter. Your Stats and Augmentations enhance your fighting abilities, but it still functions like a real FPS (unlike say Mass Effect). Deus Ex is one of the most open-ended games you will play. There are always multiple ways around a situation. For example, if you need to get into a locked apartment, you could take the head on approach and blast your way in. If you have decent hacking skill, you could hack your way into the security systems to let you in. You could also do some searching around and perhaps find a back way. And so on. The point is that there are always multiple solutions â even unique solutions â to a problem.If you like Deus Ex, you will want to definitely play System Shock 2 and Bioshock â games that are similar in some regards. If you REALLY like Deus Ex for the RPG aspect, play Deus Ex 2. For everyone else, ignore Deus Ex 2 â itâs a shame on the memory of the first game.The good news as of 2011 is that Deus Ex Revolution (Deus Ex 3) is being released. It looks good, but let's hope it does not go the way of Deus Ex 2!
This is a cult classic that has been heralded time and time again as one of the greatest RPGs ever created. There is no other game out there that is as open-ended as Fallout 2. There are literally countless ways to solve a problem. The dark, adult humor and post apocalyptic setting create something special. The story, while not say as character rich as Baulderâs Gate or Neverwinter Nights, is interesting enough. The gameplay is top notch, once again proving that a good game doesn't need fancy graphics to appeal. This game always comes up in the Top 5 RPG discussions you find around the web â and with good reason.  If you are into RPG game play, you will want to check this game out.Fallout 3 is often tossed on the people's Top 10 Games list, but Fallout 2 is so much better in everything but graphics. There is a reason why people say Fallout 2 is one of the best pc games ever. That's not saying Fallout 3 is NOT good, but it doesn't have the depth that Fallout 2 had.
One of the best science fiction games out there. In fact, one of the best RPG games EVER, regardless of genre. Heck, I'll even say it belongs on the top 10 games of all time list. Mass Effect 2 combines great characters, great voice acting, a fantastic and immersive plot, and really good gameplay. It's BETTER than the first one.
Plenty of development studios have tried to do justice to the Star Wars name, with varying degrees of success. Knights of the Old Republic got in there early, however, and arguably no game has done it better since. KoTOR is a true Star Wars story, from its memorable characters, to its plotlines and its references. It's clear that BioWare crafted it with a true love for the franchise, and that gives it's an epic scope. The game begins almost 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire, with Darth Malak intent on destroying the Republic with his armada. You start as a nobody on board a Republic ship, fighting your way past Malak's forces and crash landing on the planet of Taris. Escaping just before it's leveled, you take refuge in the Jedi Academy, where you train and begin a quest across the galaxy to destroy Malak's forces. From there, you are constantly bombarded with the game's brilliance. Powerful, emotional decisions, incredible characters, twists, and narrative freedom. All of the major characters have an extensive backstory, driving the players to discover more details and lore elements. You'll meet Wookies, mercenaries, druids and assassins, and each of them has unique personalities. However, this is a BioWare title as well as a Star Wars one, so KoTOR adjusts to your choices. The dialogue you choose, actions you take, and choice of alignment all affect the outcome in this epic sci-fi narrative.
Lucas Art's classic sci-fi adventure game. I still remember playing this one nearly two decades ago. It was a blast then and it's still a blast today, if you are willing to hunt around for an old copy of the game. An AMAZING epic story and some unforgettable characters. This game was made in the heyday of Lucas Arts adventure games -- don't let the age of the game scare you away. This one is a classic. 
Also called Indigo Prophecy -- some marketing mishap between the US and UK versions. This is, along with The Longest Journey, Full Throttle, and Grim Fadango, is one of the best adventure games ever made. The game is good, very good. The game has a cinematic feeling to it -- the feeling is that you are involved with an interactive cinematic movie.For a portion of the game, you have no idea just what the hell is going on, but once things fall into place, you get swept along for the ride. If there was an adventure game version of the Matrix (the original one, not those cursed sequels), then this game is that. If you want to immerse yourself in a good sci fi story (and itâs good folks, novel good), play this game.
While the first System Shock game was largely overlooked, the second game managed to hone its formula and make its way into gamers hearts. A first-person shooter turned role-playing game, it was the spiritual predecessor to the BioShock series. Despite this, you won't see underwater cities. System Shock is a clear sci-fi title, imbued with aspects of cyberpunk. You assume the role of a soldier, woken earlier from a cryo-tube with severe amnesia and an illegal neural interface. It's a chilling scenario that's perfectly represented in the game's atmosphere, punctuated by great voice acting, sound effects, and ambiance. With the guidance of Dr. Polito, you must discover what's happened on the spaceship, your interface picking up the ghosts of dead crew members. It makes for a tense and horror-filled environment, littered with cybernetic enemies and great AI. You can dispatch them in whatever way you wish, building a character that focuses on combat, technology, psychic powers or more. It's a fantastic blend of sneaking, hacking, and shooting that will keep you constantly on edge.
There are probably few who have not already played this game, but Iâll mention it anyway. Bioshock is a good game. It takes on the âoriginalâ game System Shock 2 and builds on it. No doubt about it, Bioshock is a creepy game. It also has a pretty good story too â you spend a good deal of your time trying to figure out what the hellâs going on. If you like horror RPG/FPS combos with a good story, do yourself a favor and play this game.Bioshock 2 is also good and Bioshock 3 looks to be coming out pretty soon.
This is another Sci-Fi horror game that's a sort of a cross between Gears of War and Bioshock set in space. The game is piss your pants scary and the gameplay good. The story is strings you along as well. If you are in the mood for a thrilling space horror experience, you don't want to miss out on this one.Note that the PC version is "haunted" with bugs and gameplay problems. If you want the full experience, I suggest playing it on the XBOX.
A cult hit and a commercial successs -- two things you often don't find in a video game. Half Life 2 is has some great action and a pretty intersting story. While the story is not as indepth as some of the other games listed here, it's still pretty good. If you haven't played this classic (and I doubt that you haven't), play it.
Bioware is known for crafting story-rich games, and Mass Effect is no exception.  The actual FPS action was fairly simplistic â it canât compete against the likes of Halo or Gears of War for example, but this game is essentially a modern RPG masking as a FPS in space. I would say the game play itself is the weak point --- the controls are simplistic. As long as you treat the game as what it is â an RPG â the controls are fine. But if you are looking an action rich First Person Shooter, you will be disappointed. But like any Bioware game, this game is all about the story. And the story is good, very good â everything you can ask for in an epic SCI-FI world. You take control of a newly fledged commander with a mission to keep peace in the galaxy. But as you find out, all is not as it seems. If you are a fan of Knights of the Old Republic, RPGs, or story-rich games, you are going to want to give this game a whirl. Mass Effect is part of a trilogy of games with #2 already out (it's better than the first) and number three coming next year. The Mass Effect series are seriously one of the top rpg games out there.
Probably one of the best RPGs out there. Story is interesting and the game play is top notch. The amount of choices you can make is astounding. Fallout 3 is also a good one, but I don't think it can touch the Fallout 2 in terms of "story" or flexibility.The experience is different â Fallout  3 pimps the storyline and brings The Wasteland to 3D. Fallout 3 is without a doubt one of the best RPGs out there â and certainly one of the best RPGs thatâs come out in recent times. I feel Fallout 2 is, however, a better game â the adult humor and more open endedness  game the game something that Fallout 3 lacks, but if you enjoy good RPGs, you donât want to miss out on Fallout 3.