The Lightbringer

Author: Weeks, Brent
The Lightbringer series holds one of the best magic systems in fantasy, straight from the mind of Brent Weeks. It manages to be simple in concept, yet holds tons of extra depth for those looking for it. Essentially, it works through colors. Chromaturgy allows its users (Drafters) to turn light into a physical substance named Luxin. However, to form Luxin, drafters must stare at the light, absorb it through their eyes, and tear it out through the skin. As a result, the strength of the user is dependent on their eyesight. The ability to differentiate colors is key, and only the Lord Prism can use all of them without consequences. Each color has different properties and categories, with some more powerful than others. Red Luxin, for example, is flammable and often used in warfare. Blue is great for weaponry, while superviolet, which sits outside the visible spectrum, can be used for invisible manipulation. Sadly, like all good magic systems, it has a cost. The whites of drafter’s eyes begin to color, signalinga reduced lifespan. Use too much, and they will go crazy, red drafters becoming rage-filled, while blues will become hard and logical. As you can tell already, Weeks has put incredible thought into this system, and it echoes throughout all aspects of society. As well as regular power dynamics, there are gender ones, with women far more likely to see colors accurately. On top of this is an expertly crafted, tense plot, life-like characters, and sprinkles of humor. It’s a must-read for any magic lover, and that’s why it tops our list.

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