2008: Ysabel

Ned is Fifteen, and spending the year with his father in France. He just met a cute girl named Kate. He really should be having a real good time. Unfortunately, he isn't. Kate and him have just seen a scary, mysterious man in a church who confides in them that he has killed children in the past. And so begins a whirlwind of an adventure. Ned and Kate seem to have front row tickets as modern France collides violently with the France of 2,500 years ago.Now, to rescue a friend who has been taken over by the spirit of a women who lived more than 2 000 years ago, Ned will need to unravel the past. What is the connection between his family and this woman? What is the relationship between a Celtic Chieftain and a Roman? Ned must somehow figure out the answers to these questions. Fast.Why it's on the listGuy Gavriel Kay manages to blend historical fiction with fantasy in this fun and easy to read novel. The book is dramatic without being over the top, and is tense but not scary. Ysabel captures the essential elements of any outstanding speculative fiction novel - a weave of believable characters, fantasy, and history.The story line is filled with historical depth but is still fast-paced and exciting.Read if you likeHistorical Fiction

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2008: Ysabel

Ned is Fifteen, and spending the year with his father in France. He just met a cute girl named Kate. He really should be having a real good time. Unfortunately,... Read more

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