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Mythago Wood

'Unique' is a vastly overused word. It has about as much meaning as Kim K's twitter feed. But in the case of Mythago Wood, it's warranted. Firstly, Holdstock tells the... Read more


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The Bone Forest

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The Mythago Cycle

A wonderfully beautiful novel that explores the ideas of myth and reality and the connection between the two. You'll find here a hauntingly story about a primeval forest somewhere undefined... Read more

Merlin's Wood

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Gate Of Ivory

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Gate Of Horn

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The Hollowing

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Gate Of Ivory Gate Of Horn

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Mythago Wood (1985)

Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock  won the 1985 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel Read more

1985: Mythago Wood

The Mythago Wood series explores a magical wood that has produced every mythical and legendary character that ever existed in any culture. The wood is a place where space and... Read more