Farseer Trilogy

Author: Hobb, Robin
Robin Hobb has received significant praise for her Realm of the Elderlings world, which spans four series and several other short works. However, among that epic list, The Farseer Trilogy stands out as the strongest coming of age story. It chronicles the beginning of Fitz Chivalry's story, a royal bastard who ends up an assassin. It's not a new idea, building on classic tropes and settings to build a compelling story. However, Hobb's execution is somewhat different to the norm. Fitz is very much fallible. Despite the gift of magic, he often makes mistakes, misses clues, and undergoes hardships. It's difficult to maintain a likable character despite this, but Hobb expertly builds Fitz shortcomings as natural learning experiences. Fitz never becomes perfect, and that's what makes him feel so real. Read if you like: Imperfect characters, long series, fantasy assassin.

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