Author: Gaiman, Neil
Most (all?) of Gaiman’s works are urban fantasy. The crowd favorite is Neverwhere, which is an interesting take on the whole multiverse conceit found in science fiction. The premise is that people can fall through the cracks on the ground and find themselves in an alternate London (called London Below). This is a world of talking rats, of shadows and saints, monsters and unlikely heroes. And into this bizarre world of London Below falls the unlikely hero of Richard, an ordinary man with an ordinary life who, in an act of Samaritan kindness, find himself caught up in a world of mystery, magic, and danger. A fantastic novel and his most highly rated. His American Gods is another standout novel and the one that put him on the map as one of the top urban fantasy writers. Similar Recommendations

Similar Recommendations

Mythago Wood
You'll like the concept and literary power of Mythago Wood by Robert Homestock. 

Anubis Gates
You'll also like Anubis Gates by Time Powers which combines some of the same story telling tropes (normal man gets sucked into a mysterious world of magic, gods, and strange dimensions). 

Un Lun Dun

If you like the zanyness of Neverwhere and the hidden alternate world of London behind the cracks of reality, you should give China Mieville's Un Lun Dun a read -- it's a story about a girl who find herself caught up in another version of London, a place where she seems to be the hero.

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Most (all?) of Gaiman’s works are urban fantasy. The crowd favorite is Neverwhere, which is an interesting take on the whole multiverse conceit found in science fiction. The premise is... Read more

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