Morgan, Richard K. Biography

Books by Morgan, Richard K.

  • The Steel Remains: This book is a thoroughly grimdark adventure, following a world-weary PTSD sufferer on his quest to save the world he doesn't much care for. It's messy, gross, intense, brooding and...
  • The Cold Commands:
  • A Land Fit For Heroes: Subversion gone over the edge is how you can describe Richard Morgan's anti-fantasy series A Land Fit For Heroes. Morgan writes some of the blackest grimdark you'll ever read and...
  • Altered Carbon: After dying in a particularly gruesome death, ex UN-envoy Takeshi Kovacs wakes up to find himself "re-sleeved" into a fresh body with a job offer: find who killed Laurens Bancroft...
  • Broken Angels:
  • Woken Furies:
  • The Cold Command: