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Political Fantasy Books

“Politics” and “Fantasy” might at first seem an unlikely combination for a good read. But think about it: any fantasy world has one or more societies; and politics is the organizing force of society. Rather than relegate the political landscape to a prop position in the story, this form gives it center stage. Think Hamlet, except that something is rotten in the state of....Xenthera?

Common Political Fantasy Characteristics

  • Level of Magic

Political behavior is interesting because it follows from motivations and incentives that are recognizable to all humans. Threats, bribes, and blackmail are forms of magic that are more likely to pop up in this sub-genre than incantations or secret cloaks.

  • Level of Characterization

Great variety in these features: there could be many characters; there could be few.

  • Level of Plot Complexity

Comparatively complex with many twists and sub-plots.

  • Level of Violence 

Sex and violence are a staple of the political thriller, and so they are in this sub-genre as well.

Popular Political Fantasy Books Books