The Book Of Joby

Oh this is a clever one. The premise is that God and Satan make a bet, a bet they have made countless times. But this time, the cards are stacked way in the devil's favor. The target of this cosmic bet is Joby, a young unassuming boy of 9 with a zest for life and future of limitless potential. That is until Lucifer starts messing thing up and Joby endures a world of pain.Yes, Joby is full to the brim with dark and horrible things and Joby is blindly unaware of the cosmic bet going on between God and Lucifer at his expense. Everything and anything just seems to go wrong for the poor guy. Despite this, not all is lost! There is pleasure with the pain here and a ray of hope in the form of love and friendship, and a bit of reincarnation to even the scales.Take the biblical book of Job, modernize the story for the 21st century, add in a twinkle of reincarnation, throw in a couple of angels, sprinkle in an Arthurian legend or two, and you have The Book of Joby! This is a fantastic novel and a new take on an age old story. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a non-standard fantasy tale that will have you cringing with despair and crying with delight by the end of it.

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