The Banner Saga

Author: Stoic,
Stoic's debut release caused a huge stir in the gaming world, one of the first crowdfunded video games to truly make it big. It may be masterminded by three former BioWare developers, but that's where the similarity to traditional RPGs stops. In the Banner Saga, the player is thrown into a beautiful stereoscopic world of Vikings, where the sun is trapped low in the sky and an ancient race has returned to destroy them all. In a blend of strategy and RPG, you must escort a band of travellers across the world as they search for the source of the uprising. As you manage resources and fight in turn-based battles, you'll have to make tough choices, and those decisions influence the outcome of the story. It has the feeling of a Viking saga, only enhanced by Austin Wintory's haunting soundtrack. It's a stunning game that immerses you in its world and keeps you there long after its finished.

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