Ready Player One: A Novel

Not 'strictly' a LitRPG novel, but Ready Player One has a lot of elements that make up an LITRPG book, those being the in-game sequences. This is not only a LitRPG (partially) but a fantastically, brilliantly funny science fiction read. It's hands down one of my favorite books of all time. While there are flaws, there is just so much that's great about the book you can't but help love it.Definitely, a must read, whether you love LitRPG or not. I would easily put this on a Top 25 Best Science Fiction Book list; and in fact, if you check out that link to our sister site, I did just that.The protagonist is one a quest to solve a mystery inside of a massive multiplayer RPG (MMRPG). The game world, fictional as it is, ties into the real world because the in-game 'money' is used as a real-world currency. The game prize is ownership of the entire game world.Ready Player One is not just a LITRPG, it's an outstandingly fun read. While I can't say it's a hardcore LITRPG, it's certainly a novel that can be enjoyed by just about anyone. Unlike traditional LITRPG, it lacks some of the hardcore gaming elements that you may or may not like.So if you liked Ready Player One and the gaming elements affecting reality, then you may just like LITRPG, which takes gaming and make it THE focus of the story (usually by trapping people/gamers into a game world and killing them off in horrible ways)

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If you loved Ready Player one, then read Clines other book - Armada. It's not nearly as good as Ready Player One and quite a bit of the magic is gone, but it's still a good enough read, especially if you love LitRGP and the style of book that is Ready Player One.

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