Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

A collection of short stories that helped launch Robinson's career, way back. There's something charming about taking a motely bunch of aliens, time travelers, and quirky humans with psychic powers, throwing them into a bar somewhere near the edge of space and having them reminisce about the good old days, while drunk. If you can make your way through one of the stories without giggling, you are a better man (or women) than I. Think Cheers meets the Outerlimit with a bit of Douglas Adams thrown in.Why it's a feel good fantasy: Robinson can be trusted to always deliver his patented ridiculous world packed full of humor and untainted sweetness. There is just something comforting about falling into the cadence of Robinson's books. And also because dammit, who doesn't want to get wasted with a bunch of alien misfits onthe edge of space and time?

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