Brood Of Bones

Brood of Bones is another example of imaginative an inventive fantasy available if you dig into the indie marketplace.It's a twisting story the celebrates exquisitely crafted, yet flawed, characters set into a story that combines a whodunit mystery with gritty fantasy. Like some of the other books on this list, Brood of Bones is a more unusual sort of fantasy tale -- one that's beautifully written, highly imaginative, and a prime of what's best about the indie genre. So if you are looking for something compellingly strange that combines a blend of genres to produce something that slowly draws you in, then Brood of Bones is a must read indie fantasy. It's weird, it's unusual, and it's a must read for those who want quality fantasy that is unabashedly different than anything else you might have ever read in the genre. This is definitely one of those novels that sticks with you after you finish the last page.If indie fantasy is all about fostering creativity, Brood of Bones is a good, compelling argument for why we need indie books. And at under a dollar to buy this one as a kindle book, you can't really say no. An good book is made even better by being priced so cheap. 

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