Blood For The Blood God

Author: C. L. Werner
If you are looking for a long fantasy series that's built on gritty and dark, look no further than the Warhammer books. While they (usually) don't exhibit the high literary qualities of some of the other authors in the genre and perhaps have a pulp stigma attached, there are actually some pretty compelling books in the series that do indeed explore some dark themes. There's a few books that do stand out as better than others and a few of those can be tossed on this list are grimdark works. Blood for the Blood God is my pick for the best and perhaps darkest of the bunch.The Warhammer books, for the most part, lack the subtler, stronger writing, plot, and characterization of other grimdark authors. But what they do lack in deeper characterization and strong writing, they do sort of make up in atmosphere and the dark setting.Read if you want to dwell a bit in a dark, hopeless world with some imaginatively horrific settings. But don't expect deep characterization and strong narratives.

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