Pollack, Rachel Biography

Rachel Pollack is an American author, artist, and teacher known for her works in the science fiction, fantasy, and occult genres. She was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1945.Pollack's most notable works include the novel "Unquenchable Fire," which explores a world where psychic powers are real and a group of people are trying to use those powers for political gain, and the "Tarot Wisdom" book, which explores the meanings and symbolism of the tarot deck.Pollack's writing is known for its depth, exploration of spirituality and mythology, and its focus on themes such as gender identity, sexuality, and social justice. She has won several awards for her writing, including the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 1989 for "Unquenchable Fire."In addition to her writing, Pollack is also an accomplished tarot reader and teacher, and has contributed significantly to the field of tarot studies. She continues to write and publish new works, and her works are enjoyed by fans of science fiction, fantasy, and the occult around the world.

Books by Pollack, Rachel

  • Godmother Night (1996): The Godmother Night by Rachel Pollack won the 1996 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel
  • 1997: Godmother Night: Set in an alternate fantasy world sprawled across the back of a giant turtle, this fantasy novel is broken into distinct episodes, focussed on death, identity and most of all...