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Obsidian Entertainment Biography

Books by Obsidian Entertainment

  • Pillars Of Eternity: Video games have evolved a lot since their inception. RPGs have diverged significantly, from isometric Infinity Engine to first and third person narratives. It's an improvement, in many ways, but...
  • Tyranny: What if evil won? It's a simple question that's rarely explored, but Tyranny answers it extensively. In this world, all is lost. The world has been conquered by the bad...
  • Pillars Of Eternity: With all of the modern graphics and first-person shooters saturating the market, it almost felt as if classic RPGs were a thing of the past. Then, seemingly out of nowhere,...
  • Tyranny (2016): There are few games that let you be truly evil. GTA lets you kill civilians, others let you make terrible sacrifices, but the ability to completely crush a civilization is...