Shusterman, Neal Biography

Neal Shusterman is an American author known for his works in the young adult fiction and science fiction genres. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1962.Shusterman's most notable works include the "Unwind" series, which takes place in a dystopian world where teenagers can be legally "unwound" and have their body parts harvested for transplants, and the "Scythe" series, which imagines a future where death has been conquered and a select group of "scythes" must choose who to kill to maintain population control.Shusterman's writing is known for its thought-provoking concepts, fast-paced storytelling, and exploration of themes such as morality, identity, and power. He has won several awards for his writing, including the National Book Award for Young People's Literature in 2015 for "Challenger Deep."In addition to his writing, Shusterman has also worked as a screenwriter and a television writer. He continues to write and publish new novels and stories, and his works are enjoyed by fans of young adult fiction and science fiction around the world.

Books by Shusterman, Neal

  • Everlost: The premise of this novel completely redefines the boundaries of young adult fantasy. Told from the perspective of individuals stuck in a 'limbo' between life and death, Shusterman's work is...
  • Everwild:
  • Everfound: