Bishop, K.j. Biography

K.J. Bishop is an Australian author known for her works in the fantasy and science fiction genres. She was born in 1972 in Melbourne.Bishop's most notable works include the novel "The Etched City," which tells the story of two former mercenaries who become embroiled in a dangerous and surreal adventure in a strange and exotic city, and the collection "That Book Your Mad Ancestor Wrote," which features a variety of weird and fantastical stories.Bishop's writing is known for its lyrical prose, vivid descriptions, and exploration of themes such as identity, art, and the nature of reality. She has been nominated for several awards for her writing, including the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 2003 for "The Etched City."In addition to her writing, Bishop is also a visual artist and has created illustrations and cover art for her own works and those of other authors. She continues to write and publish new novels and stories, and her works are enjoyed by fans of fantasy and science fiction around the world.

Books by Bishop, K.j.

  • The Etched City: The Etched city was formed from the love union between Stephen King and China Mieville. If you want a more complex fantasy novel with a good dose of the bizarre,...