John Norman Biography

John Norman is the pen name of American author John Frederick Lange Jr. who was born in 1931. He is best known for his "Gor" series of science fiction novels.The "Gor" series is set on a fictional planet called Gor, where men are dominant and women are submissive. The series follows the adventures of a man named Tarl Cabot, who is transported from Earth to Gor and becomes involved in the planet's politics and conflicts. The series has been controversial for its portrayal of gender roles and sexuality.Norman's writing is known for its philosophical and political themes, as well as its detailed world-building. He has written many other works in addition to the "Gor" series, including several non-fiction books on philosophy and political theory.Despite the popularity of his "Gor" series, Norman has been criticized for his portrayal of women and his views on gender and sexuality. As a result, his works have been controversial and have generated debate and discussion within the science fiction community.