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  • Lyonesse: If you were to open a copy of Lyonesse and give it a good shake, a bunch of (very annoyed) fairies would fall out. Because they're everywhere in this book....
  • The Green Pearl:
  • Madouc (1990): Madouc by Jack Vance won the 1990 World Fantasy Award for Best Novel
  • Madouc:
  • Lyonesse Trilogy: High kings, evil sorcerers, exiled princes, tricky fairies, and willful princesses ¬†this highly influential series has it all. There is nothing derivative about this series, being one of the founding...
  • The Green Pearl:
  • Tales Of The Dying Earth: Tale of the Dying Earth truly stands as one of the greatest works ever penned. Everything that's good and bad about the human condition is eloquently expressed within this tale....
  • The Eyes Of The Overworld:
  • Cugel's Saga:
  • Rhialto The Marvellous:
  • Madouc:
  • 1990: Madouc: The story follows the protagonist, Madouc, and the adventures around her quest for her pedigree. Casimir, the ruthlessly devious king of Lyonesse, has discovered that the girl he initially thought...