Keyes, J. Gregory Biography

J. Gregory Keyes is an American author known for his works in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He was born in Mississippi in 1963.Keyes' most notable works include the "Age of Unreason" series, which explores an alternate history where Isaac Newton discovers a formula for alchemy, and the "Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone" series, which follows a group of characters as they navigate a dangerous and magical world.Keyes' writing is known for its vivid world-building, well-drawn characters, and exploration of philosophical themes. He has won several awards for his writing, including the HOMer Award for Best Novel in 2000 for "The Blackgod," and the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for "The Waterborn" in 1997.In addition to his writing, Keyes has also worked as a college professor and has taught courses in English and creative writing. He continues to write and publish new novels and stories, and his works are enjoyed by fans of science fiction and fantasy around the world.

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