Yap, Cosimo Biography

Cosimo Yap is a Filipino-Australian author known for his debut novel, "The Last Days of Café Leila," which was published in 2017. He was born in the Philippines and grew up in Australia."The Last Days of Café Leila" tells the story of a mother and daughter who return to Tehran, Iran to reunite with their family and rebuild their family's café. The novel explores themes of family, identity, and the power of storytelling.Yap's writing is known for its evocative descriptions, emotional depth, and lyrical language. He has been praised for his ability to capture the complexities of cultural identity and the nuances of interpersonal relationships.In addition to his writing, Yap is also a poet and has published several collections of poetry. He continues to write and publish new works, and his debut novel has been widely acclaimed and translated into several languages.

Books by Yap, Cosimo

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