Lumley, Brian Biography

Brian Lumley is a British author known for his works in the horror and science fiction genres. He was born in County Durham, England in 1937 and began writing in the 1960s.Lumley's most notable works include the "Necroscope" series, which consists of over a dozen novels and follows Harry Keogh, a man with the ability to communicate with the dead. The series has been praised for its imaginative world-building and complex characters.Lumley's other notable works include the "Titus Crow" series, which follows a supernatural investigator as he battles Lovecraftian monsters, and the "Necroscope: The Lost Years" series, which follows Harry Keogh's son as he continues his father's legacy.Lumley's works are known for their vivid and often gruesome depictions of horror and their complex and detailed mythologies. He has won several awards for his writing, including the British Fantasy Award and the World Fantasy Award.In addition to his writing, Lumley served in the British Army and worked as a teacher. He continues to write and publish new novels and short stories, and his works are enjoyed by fans of horror and science fiction around the world.

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